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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States. The great news is that almost all forms of heart disease can be prevented or managed to some significant degree by diet. Learn how some simple changes in your diet can boost your heart health for good.

Why Should You Eat Healthy?

Registered Dietitian

If you examine the top 10 leading causes of deaths in the United States, you will come to find out that at least half of these causes- such as Heart disease, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetes and Kidney Disease are caused by unhealthy lifestyle factors such as poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle.

What this means is that adopting a healthy way of eating can actually prevent and drastically reduce the burden of disease and death in this country. This is why it is never too late to begin to change your eating habits as it can positively impact your overall health. As a Registered dietitian in Los Angeles, I come across individuals that want to eat better for vanity reasons- to look good, slim down and get bikini season ready. However, I tell my clients that eating healthy goes beyond more than just fitting into a smaller dress size.

Eating right and exercising for at least 30 minutes daily has a lot of health benefits. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation in the media as to what constitutes a healthy diet. As a Registered Dietitian in Los Angeles, I have come across so many trendy diets- such as the fat flush, juices and cleanses which are not sustainable long term and provide very minimal nutrition value. Some of these diets can even be harmful to your health.

As a Dietitian professional with numerous years in the industry, a healthy diet is one that consists of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Adopting a healthy eating pattern with these components will help to manage your blood sugars, reduce your cholesterol levels and boost your immunity. This way of healthy eating will allow you to greatly reduce the risk of developing Type2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and can even protect against center cancers.

Staying active is also very important to your well-being. You should plan for at least a weekly amount of 150-minutes of exercise in your schedule. Not only will this help you maintain a healthy weight, but it will also boost your cardiovascular health, boost your mood, and increase your energy levels.

In Los Angeles, there are a lot of fad diets, so you need to take precaution before changing your eating pattern. You should always speak to a Registered Dietitian first, especially if you have unique health goals and needs. A Registered Dietitian will craft the right nutrition plan for you to manage any health conditions you have, and to ensure that your nutrition goals are met.

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