What’s in your fridge?

I never thought that a time would come when I was more enthusiastic about shopping for anything else other than clothes (or shoes) But I am.

I absolutely enjoy buying groceries (hauling them up the stairs is another story though) and I get super excited whenever I plan my grocery lists for the week. And yes, the plurality of the word ‘list’ was used deliberately, as I find myself making multiple trips a week to the grocery store/farmer’s market.

There is something so darn satisfying about the whole process of planning my meals ahead, making my grocery list, filling my cart with nutritious, wholesome, non-junk food, and also cooking the stuff. With personal experience, making a grocery list prior to shopping enables me to make healthier food choices, limits impulse buys and allows me to stay within budget.

The result is a fridge and pantry stocked with yummy, honest-to-goodness stuff, which makes me feel not just cool, but really REALLY cool. Like the true nutritionista that I am.

One thing I’ve realized though is that fridge organization is very important. The way you organize the items in your fridge not only determines what and how you eat, but also how long your perishables last. So, what’s in YOUR fridge? Are you proud to show it off like I am mine? If not, you might be due for a fridge make-over and I am just the person to help =)

  • Keep the nutritious, yummy stuff in sight, at eye level. This way you’re likely to consume more of them. It also helps to group similar items for better organization, navigation and optimum space utilization.
  • Temperature is crucial to proper preservation of perishables. Check to see that your refrigerator’s temp is set to 40 degrees F or lower. If your fridge temp is higher than this, it means you are now in the temperature danger zone (Uh oh).  Keep in mind that 41°F -140°F is the temperature range in which food-borne bacteria thrive.
  • FIFO. First in, first out. This is a method of rotating your food so that you use the oldest items first. Move the older items to the front after each shopping trip. This ensures that you use them first, before they go bad.
  • The refrigerator door is great for condiments. However, you do not want to keep milk, yogurt and other perishable items here. Since it’s opened frequently, the temp fluctuates more.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to organizing.