The majority of my clients are women. Amazing, dynamic, women who want so desperately to get their health back on track, but have trouble finding a plan that suits their busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules. As an amazing, dynamic woman myself, I know that it is so easy to put ourselves on the back burner, while putting everyone else and everything else first.  Psst…I’ve been there, so believe me when I say I speak from experience. The truth is, you need to be the healthiest version of you so that you can juggle all of these responsibilities with grace. Guess what? You cannot live an abundant, fulfilled life if you are tired all the time, if you are sick all the time, and if you are just not happy.

I want to help you regain your self-confidence again. To rediscover your divine beauty, and most importantly to be the healthiest version of you possible. And believe me friend when I tell you this…It. Is. Possible.

It is possible to eat without guilt.

It is possible to enjoy delicious food that nourishes you from the inside out.

It is possible to become energized with a renewed zest for life.

The great news is that I can help you achieve all of this and more. Let’s face it. Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.   This is why I created the Skinny Black Dress Challenge. More than just an e-book, enrollment places you in a community of like minded women who will encourage you through your transformational health journey. More than just a weight loss plan, the e-book contains 21 nourishing, and enriching recipes, that help you get rid of the toxins in your body, balance your blood sugars and whittle down your waist. Also included are materials such as a food diary, and positive affirmations,  which have worked for my clients to enable them achieve a positive mindset, and build confidence. The bonus is that you get to have access to me for 7 days in this group. 7 days of me sharing my nutrition expertise, answering any questions you have, and guiding you through your health journey.

I’m kicking of  the  Challenge on April 17, and to honor you for participating in this fun challenge, I’m giving away two special prizes. These are:

  • A $20 Amazon gift card
  • A free 60 minute session with me where I help you create a strategic nourishment plan and provide you with a nutrition blueprint tailored to your health goals ($500 value)

This plan WILL get you results. All you have to do  is sign up. Get the plan HERE  and join our amazing Facebook group HERE  .

I CANNOT wait to meet you.