Fat does NOT make you fat. Yup. It’s true. The body needs fat to function and contrary to popular belief; skimping on fat WILL NOT help you lose weight. ⁠Low fat products are typically higher in sugar, which triggers the insulin response in favor of weight gain. ⁠
If you keep reaching for low fat foods like your ‘healthy’ packaged low fat yogurt, it’s time for an intervention. ⁠Once you read the label, you just may be surprised by how much sugar your favorite low fat foods contain. ⁠

Research shows consuming excess amounts of refined carbohydrates to replace fat as a cause of weight gain. This might be why you’ve been struggling to lose weight, by unknowingly consuming excess amounts of sugar. ⁠Fats interact with your hormones in complex ways that don’t cause a massive spike in insulin. This is why eating good quality fat can actually help you lose weight. Some fats are healthier than others and good fats are important for your body to function properly. Examples of healthy fats to add to your diet are: avocados, salmon, nuts, olive oil.⁠

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